Robotized special machines
for all industries requiring automation

Since 1990, EEPI Robotics has worked with clients from a wide range of industries. We have developed our skills in automation and robotics, and have become true gripping specialists. Thanks to our experience, we are able to adapt our industrial robotic solutions to any production site and to handle any type of product.


Since 2015, we have been active in the hydrogen market. In this growing market, we know how to standardize the production of fuel cells by offering robotic solutions for the assembly and pressing of fuel cells, with leak testing.


EEPI Robotics’ projects for the aeronautic industry consist of automating and robotising the production of aircraft components. Our success in this very demanding industry is based on the quality and reliability of our installations.


Thanks to our group with ELYOTEC, a partner of Reichenbacher Hamuel for many years, we are able to design special machines based on robotic arms for the wood industry, such as our loading and unloading solutions for CNC machines.


EEPI Robotics has worked for several automotive suppliers. More specifically, we have developed our skills in automating and robotising the production of components.

You have a robotisation project in a particular sector? We would be pleased to find out about your project and to make it happen!